Our lives are not equal. We don't set out to achieve the same thing. If we did, I doubt anyone would want to clean the streets,  work on mundane 9-5 jobs, and do the minimum required task for keeping the job. They watch series about housewives, and the nightly noise over debates about 'what' the politician said, discuss about 'obvious' observation taught by their favorite media, become part of associations and local organizations, not to do something for the society but to prove that 'they would have been someone.' The meaningless titles is an ego booster; an alternative narrative on what they could have achieved. President of XYZ. Committee Member. Now we have new leeches taking away our precious resources - time, money and attention.

They preach about Equality while propagating prejudices about other religion, caste and people of different color in closed doors. We espouse to live in a society that offers equal opportunities. But how will you know that you deserve one when you can't even read and write. The discourse of conversation is mostly about survival. When you are surviving, the worry is about the next meal, not on equal opportunity for the job that the government is offering.

On the other end is the ideological warriors who are too caught up in the equality debate that they forget that society doesn't exist without the 'exploitative' Businessmen creating jobs for those who have quit dreaming about equality. The steady salary encourages them to think beyond survival. The government should offer jobs. They say. Now we have a system where the salary is guaranteed, the hierarchical jumps mapped out, and a job created where there is no incentive for growth and no punishment for inefficiencies. The politician who needs the inefficient 'babus' take on the mantle of the audience, and show crumbs of growth while taking and mismanaging the country's enormous resources for their personal enrichment.

Everyone talks. Talks about equality.

Equality of opportunity should be an aspiring right, but if we try to create an equal level field, through government, inevitably we tinker with the market. The government is not the politician with a penchant for theatrics. They are bureaucrats - the safe job seeking, risk averse, prestige-obsessed leeches, who wants to demonstrate their power by grabbing crumbs from Entrepreneurs while cocking their influence and power. Protectionism and favoritism follow. You begin to see complacency in the market. Monopolies will not put the resources for innovation, and eventually, consumers will be stuck in a low-value product or service while paying 5x or 10x the price of an alternative. It would take a new generation of Entrepreneurs to dismantle the crown. Microsoft continued their dominance by influencing Washington and creating dependency pricing through licensing and phasing out older versions of Windows OS. It was not until Google, Facebook and Samsung came to the market that Mobile replaced the monopolistic desktop computers. Steve Balmer didn't see it coming. He protected the primary revenue source while allowing the competitors to change the market. It happened organically. They saw the gap in the market and created new devices to dismantle the monopoly.

The market determines whether your skill is valuable. You can't build world-class aerospace components? You can't enable the middle class to dream? You can't sell? You can't heal? Get in line to work in the cubicle starting at the screen, gossiping about your boss, and copying software codes written by a few who gets it.  Software is not going anywhere. But like manufacturing jobs, they will also get saturated. You can create so many Apps until people began to demand content to fill the Apps. A new breed of sensors will know when we eat, read, drive, consume and fuck. Even sensors need content to please you. Knowing is not enough. She knows that you need novelty. The Facebook feeds will start losing charm in your 30s. The Snapchats will look juvenile in your 20s. Each age group would seek exclusivity.

Equality is the anathema for exclusivity.

We work hard to create inequality. We want exclusive access to the 'Porsche,' the 'Penthouse,' and to the mouth of the 'supermodel.' The trophies are a statement that "You and I are not equal." The higher class obsessed middle class, apes the masters, buys luxury condos that they can't afford, have children they can't rear and fuck women that they can't satisfy. While the middle scrambles from one distraction to the other, they are tied to a job they have to love despite Tony Robbins and Robin Sharma, selling the dream that they can do whatever they want.

The aspiring middle class is the engine of the economy. Soviet fell because in an equal society - status quo is encouraged. People hate status quo. They are willing to work hard to earn the inequality. They aspire till they die. Even in the deathbed at 86, the billionaire hopes for a cryogenic revival. Our drive to work every day despite knowing that death is inevitable and the Entrepreneurs ability to sell you a dream, a solution for your 'low' status, and the theatrics of ideological warfare, politics, entertainment and gossip, is preventing us from living like depressed philosophers, pondering over life's deep questions.

There are no answers to life's deep questions. You can believe in narratives on what makes human 'happy,' but that won't give you eternal bliss. We make sense of our existence through aspirations.

There are no aspirations in an equal society.