Everything in life is about repeating your skills at the highest level. You had a great day. Guess what; you are not great, you have to repeat it again tomorrow. Were you great for a year? No one gives a flying fuck. Greatness is not confined to an event as you see in a sports arena. You have to prove every day for at least 10-20 years before someone calls you great. Otherwise, you have earned a shaky reputation that will kill your drive and put you into a complacent choke hold of drivel, slowly putting you among the mediocre. One hit wonders are a dime and a dozen. They make a fortune doing that one act, the one song, the one novel, but can you see anyone calling them great? Their creation is a memory bookmark of your life, an era or a transitional phase of violent Geo-political development. MC Hammer is the epitome of a one-hit wonder. The baggy jeans, the catchy dance moves and the breaking out from the niche of black culture to popular culture, Hammer is what I remember when I think of the 90s. But what happened after can't touch this?

Even the things that you love to do every day can be boring. As hunter-gatherers for thousands of years, our evolutionary instincts crave for novelty. The Social Media addiction is a natural progression of our mind's search for newness. But things that matter in this world require repeating your skills under the highest scrutiny. The more layers of bureaucracy your performance is hidden, the lesser the impact you would have in the world. The more you are exposed to criticism and fame, the more meaningful your learning trajectory would be. The best examples are the sportsperson, writers, directors, storytellers, scientists, doctors, and Entrepreneurs. When you risk your life saving, reputation and opportunities over an idea, you know that you have stakes in your performance. Even within the risk-taking group, Doctors, Scientists, and Sportsmen are not going to lose life savings after crossing the hurdle of turning Pro, but Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Writers, Directors, Actors or any performers with the skin in the game are traversing a thin line between success and failure. Elon Musk nearly lost his Paypal money for SpaceX.

Thoughts of career change happen when the repetition of activity to build your skill becomes uninspiring, or you don't tell enough self-soothing stories about the bigger picture and bite the monotonicity. At some point, the threshold of boredom overcomes the talk of money and future. You are on the ledge to take the risk. There is no safety net. You plan when you fall. You hope to find the big cushiony certainly at the end of the fall. Some window shades or superhero to interrupt the fall but most fall flat on the concrete. They falsely assume that after the fall into the certain 'happy' career, they don't have to repeat the baseline tasks for excellence. The environment has changed. The skills demanded has changed, but you have to repeat. Ten Thousands hours of practice for excellence is an exaggeration, but I hardly saw anyone without at least 6000 hours of repetition, taking flight from the short fall. The moment between repeating 5999th time and greatness is where you find true joy. That is when you find the truth - Repetition works.

The moment between repeating 5999th time and greatness is where you find true joy. That is when you find the truth - Repetition works.

So if you are hours away from 6000 hours of repeating and perfecting your craft, always keep this in mind - repeat, not with exhaustion or privilege but with the gratitude that every day you get to repeat what you love. Others are too scared to take the plunge. They are still on the ledge, hoping and waiting for a superman.